Patti Smith

by Will on October 4, 2010

I saw her play live today. She was so awesome. I already knew she was awesome, but I did not know just how awesome. The mood of the concert was a mix between what I imagine was the feel of the religious revivals of old, and what I imagine IWW rallies must have been like. But with good music.

“But the people have the power to redeem the work of fools.” How true.

Patti, in this song, is paraphrasing something that David Hume once said. My inclination is to go find it and quote its wisdom in full, but I’m tired and it’s almost time for Mad Men, so that’s just not going to happen right now.

Also, this song makes me want to compile a list of anthems of left-wing sentiment. Obviously John Lennon and the Clash are going to be heavily represented. Let me know any other suggestions.

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