The Reaganite Disease

by Will on October 31, 2010

David Broder has it, in spades. Never, perhaps, since the decline of the politburo, has any man’s reputation been so at odds with his merit.

David Broder wants “us”, that is, the military of this nation, to go attack a country that has not attacked us and in fact has not invaded any other nation in nearly half a┬ámillennium. That country is full of scary Muslims with strange names, so of course it doesn’t matter that they have lives that are roughly equal in value to ours. We should just kill a whole bunch of them, because that will spur recovery.

About one year ago, the issue at hand was the health care reform bill. I really wanted it to pass, though I’d have preferred a single-payer system like France has (medicine in France is actually less centralized, more free-market than here — doctors there are small businessmen). I’d have liked even better a free-at-point-of-service system like they have in the UK and Sweden, or like the VA in this country. But that wasn’t going to happen. So I was hopeful that maybe in the near future my girlfriend would be able to get different insurance despite her “pre-existing condition.” David Broder didn’t want that bill to pass. He wrote that he was sure that it would be “a budget-buster.” And he hates deficits above all else, so that was unacceptable. He said this despite the fact that the CBO, which employs tons of very smart economists to predict what legislation will cost, conservatively estimated that the bill would reduce the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars, mostly in Medicare costs. Broder knows only one narrative, the one peddled in his younger years by Ronald Reagan: Democrats tax and spend, Republicans wisely starve the cur and let the pampered keep their excessive lucre. Spending to keep people from dying is unseemly, spending to kill people is hunky-dory.

David Broder has, today, in my mind, changed from simply being a nuisance. He is, objectively, a terrible human being. The Marquis de Sade, the father of sadism, had less to answer for than Broder has today.

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