WWI Finally Over!

by Will on October 19, 2010

A few weeks ago CNN and other outlets alerted us to the surprising fact that Germany was just then getting finished with its WWI reparations. Hurray!

Can we perhaps take this occasion to also end the Korean War, signing a formal treaty? To also disband the military alliance we entered to defend western Europe from the USSR? To stop making weaponry and vehicles designed for a fight against the Soviet military that stopped existing two decades ago? To end one or both of the two pointless wars we’re fighting against men with beards? To remove our troops from Germany, Japan, and dozens of other random places? Veterans often have a hard time of it returning to civilian life, it’s true, and I’m of the view that veterans do indeed deserve our full support and respect. One could make the case that returning so many military professionals to civilian life will cause them problems, particularly in the midst of high unemployment. But I’ll bet many in the service would rather face that challenge than be getting shot at on a daily basis.

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